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480 Edsel Dr Richmond Hill, GA 31324


EOM is an independently-owned operations, engineering, underground solutions, and industrial services firm focused on maintenance management.

Led by our mission and motivated by our communities since 2013, we manage and maintain high-value critical infrastructure assets for a growing number of municipalities and industrial clients across the Southeast. We have developed a value-centered, self-performing service model that utilizes a diverse team of engineers, operators, and industrial service experts to provide the necessary experience and flexibility to accommodate site-specific needs for every client.  By integrating these critical skill sets under the umbrella of one progressive company, we are able to provide the most reliable solutions for the best economic value. Most importantly, by self-performing our work, we eliminate the need for our partners to outsource repairs. The result is unmatched emergency response times, minimal downtime, increased savings, and decreased delays.

With sustainability in mind, our industry experts work to extend the life cycle of critical infrastructure by setting optimization benchmarks, tying them to hard metric performance indicators, and reducing the overall operational cost for our customers.  As infrastructure ages, populations grow and demands from regulatory agencies escalate, it is imperative for municipalities and industrial markets to manage resources both efficiently and effectively — and EOM can help.

 Our Partner Pledge 

With one of the industry’s widest-ranging service portfolios, EOM must ensure that our work consistently expresses our core principles. Our Partner Pledge is our promise to our clients, whom we grow to know as our partners, and is echoed in our commitment to four key pillars:


Protecting Critical Infrastructure.

We believe in delivering solutions that protect our infrastructure today, in order to safeguard the future of our environment for generations to come. As regulatory demands increase and funding decreases, our clients often face the monumental task of having to do more with less. It’s our privilege to help our clients solve their greatest infrastructure challenges, applying the latest technologies to deliver the most efficient operations and management solutions.


Enriching Everyday Life.

We make communities stronger. By guarding the environment and fortifying infrastructure for the future, we make a positive impact in the places we call home. Beyond our daily work, our good stewardship extends to include sponsorships, fundraising efforts and volunteering. Simply put, you can find EOM at the heart of every community we serve.


creating value for those served.

EOM brings clarity to public-private partnerships. Our conviction to do good work is clear – and we believe that anything is possible when governments and businesses work together in the same direction.  As Henry Ford said; “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” EOM is a true change-agent. Let us be the difference for you!


creating value for those served.

When partnering with communities to protect and safely maintain their most valuable assets, we focus on implementing the best management maintenance solutions that reduce operational costs and extend the life cycle of our customer’s critical infrastructure. Our work centers upon the creation of value for the people we serve.

our leadership

We take ownership of our ideas and run with them. With traditional education, training, continuous education, and real-world experience; we are changing the way people think of public works. We create economic value for all stakeholders, share leadership vision, share our goals, and trust our people with the understanding that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves or individual jobs. We don’t wish things to happen; we empower our employees who are making them happen.

Health & Safety

EOM management is committed to considering accident prevention during all phases of operation and administration, providing safe and healthy working conditions by establishing and enforcing safe practices by all of our employees.