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Asset Management

Functioning critical infrastructure is vital to maintaining the public health, safety, and confidence of citizens in their communities.

EOM is an essential workforce delivering the necessary support to state, local and industrial partners in order to maintain the services and functions people depend on daily.   

Often a municipality’s largest investment, critical infrastructure should be aggressively and proactively maintained and tracked to ensure that maximum utilization is being met. In order to optimize municipally-owned assets, EOM has developed a robust computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that ensures clients’ assets are utilized to their maximum intended life-cycle. Through our proactive maintenance approach, we are able to provide our clients with systematic inspections, coordinated schedules and performance-indicator tracking to produce tangible data on equipment maintenance and repair history. This data allows our clients to monitor the condition of their assets, the probability of their failure, and the magnitude of impact on the community. 

At EOM, we know that responsible risk management does not simply happen on its own, and our data-tracking allows us to offer predictive maintenance solutions, extending the life cycle of assets, and generating considerable cost savings. Equipped with factual, real-time data, our clients can engage in long-term capital planning without the danger and cost of reactionary infrastructure replacement projects — a true win-win for everyone.