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Emergency Operations & Response

hazard exposure and emergency conditions can strike at a moment’s notice, yet preparations must be made well in advance to prevent, minimize, document and recover.

Our clients have peace of mind knowing that EOM’s emergency response team of public works personnel, engineers, and operators are there to support all coordinated efforts for effective emergency response, as outlined in each client’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).  We create supplemental emergency response plans that protect all municipally-held assets we manage.  

Our certified Incident Command System (ICS) staff has more than 25 years of experience working for local municipalities as members of a critical workforce alongside first responders, FEMA staff, and contractors during natural emergency events. .  Having worked under the Unified Command Structure, our staff can assist our clients in preparing and planning for any natural emergency incident, assisting during the emergency and then restoring balance in the aftermath.  

We know that in order for municipalities to secure disaster relief assistance, precise documentation is critical.  Working in compliance with county, state, and federal emergency management agencies, EOM is able to provide an accurate assessment of damages, loss, and expenditures resulting from an emergency or disaster.  We also conduct safety evaluations critical to protecting public health and reducing complete loss or interruption of service. 

In the event of an emergency, the added value of in-sourcing through EOM not only saves local citizens from bearing the burden of delayed response times but also lessens the need to outsource, ultimately driving down overall contract costs. Clients have full access to our integrated workforce capabilities and a single source of accountability for work performed.

Focused services include:

  • Essential Critical Workforce Support
  • Hurricane Pre and Post Operations
  • Auxiliary Power Solutions
  • Road Clearing
  • Debris Removal
  • Ice and Snow Removal
  • Equipment Staging
  • Bridge and Roadway Safety Assessments
  • Emergency Remediation Services
  • Force Main Break Repairs
  • Infrastructure Failure Response