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Stormwater Management

Complete package planning, management, compliance, maintenance, and installation of stormwater systems.

Stormwater management takes center stage in many communities and industries as commercial development rises to record levels and concerns mount over the ability to preserve water quality.  Climate change further compounds the issue, bringing more intense weather conditions and rising sea levels that negatively impact municipal storm sewer systems.  EOM offers innovative technical solutions to identify potential flood risk and assess potential areas of impact, all while ensuring safety and compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.  EOM is proud to work seamlessly with municipalities, contractors, and private industries to guide and develop long-term plans with measurable stormwater best management practices (BMPs).  

Our expert stormwater team combines our deep knowledge of engineering and operational management to design systems that perform optimally within the client’s unique watershed. We offer inspections, maintenance, repairs and consulting services tailored to your specific Stormwater Management Program (SWMP).  To aid in managing our stormwater systems, EOM works with Geographical Information System (GIS) platforms to integrate vital data mapping with our computerized maintenance program. GIS integration is pivotal in capturing up-to-the-minute field data and creating workflows and procedures to align with each client’s unique needs and permit specifications.   As our clients’ storm systems grow or permit regulations change, EOM is able to align new program plans that meet current requirements while also planning for the future success of the system.

Focused services include:

Clear Filters
Stormwater System Maintenance
Stormwater System Repairs
Advanced Program Services & Consulting
Water Resources Engineering