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480 Edsel Dr Richmond Hill, GA 31324

Wastewater Treatment & Collection

Experienced to operate, maintain, and manage any type or size wastewater treatment system.

Wastewater operations are often the leading source of energy consumption for municipal and industrial pretreatment facilities. Persistent maintenance and optimization of high-value assets within wastewater treatment facilities, pump stations, and collection/ distribution pipelines is key to creating large-scale savings.

With our team of licensed wastewater treatment operators, laboratory analysts, industrial technicians, and engineers, EOM protects public health and provides clients with peace of mind. We combine regulatory compliance, improved process technology, and operation optimization to safeguard our people, our water and the environment.

By utilizing our organized asset management program, clients see a reduction in operation costs and facility efficiencies, as well as a prolonged asset life. Our wastewater maintenance approach shifts systems from reactive to proactive, ultimately reducing the unpredictability and service interruptions caused by asset failures.

Focused services include:

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations and Maintenance
  • Water Reclamation Facility Management
  • Industrial Pretreatment Facility Operations
  • Land Application System and Wetland Maintenance
  • Laboratory Sampling & In-House Analysis
  • Collection System Maintenance 
  • Wastewater Pumping Station Inspections, Maintenance, & Repairs
  • Sewer System Evaluation & Rehabilitation
  • Underground Utility Locates
  • Vacuum Truck Services 
  • Regulatory Compliance & Reporting
  • State Permit Support 
  • SCADA Monitoring and Control
  • Computerized Asset Management Program
  • Collection System Maintenance